Public Scrutineers

Unveiling information that matters


Welcome to Public Scrutineers‘ website. Here you will find out what the organization is about, our latest investigation reports and contact information.

Founded in 2017, based in Hong Kong. The founders of the Public Scrutineers believe members of the public have the power to shape our society in a better way. People, however, often feel small in face of social problems. They think they are not the one who can change the situation. It is hoped that this organization can facilitate members of the public to learn about issues that matter, express their opinion and use their influence to push for positive changes in our society.

In studying or exploring social issues that we care about, from time to time we need to communicate, if not confront, with government departments and corporations. Public Scrutineers will ask for information or replies from concerned parties on the issues and disclose the information when deemed necessary for public scrutiny. But after all, Public Scrutineers tends to adopt a soft, constructive instead of hostile approach when carrying out its work, building sustainable relationships with concerned parties.

Public Scrutineers is not for profit and currently does not generate any income.

To summarize, our objectives and approaches are as follows.

– Facilitate the public to learn about important social issues
– Let voices of the public be heard
– Push for positive changes in our society

– Investigative reporting
– Dialogue with gov. dept. and corporations
– Publish results of investigations on conventional/ social media channels

We have been established for a short period of time so our first report is not out yet.  We welcome any feedback and suggestions from you all. Simply send an e-mail to will do.





– 方便市民得悉社會上的重要議題的相關資訊
– 為市民提供發表意見的渠道
– 集眾人的影響力去改變一些社會現狀

– 調查式報導
– 與政府部門或企業對話
– 於傳統或社交媒體上發放調查結果